About Wheelha.us


Wheelha.us is written and produced in Claremont, California, United States by Julie and Shawn Medero with occasional written contributions from our oldest son, Martin Medero.

We are a family that bikes together. Commuting by bike is our passion and we love talking about cargo bikes and riding with kids. We don’t own a car but we are not anti-car. Teaching our community how to enjoy biking and helping others get started is how we roll.

You can follow the site on Twitter: @wheelha_us


Julie Medero

Julie is a full-time engineering grad student who enjoys not having to deal with bus schedules or parking on a large university campus. She biked to work off and on starting in 2004, but didn’t make the leap to full car-freeness until moving to Seattle in 2008. She is bit by bit converting her bike into her dream ride.

Shawn Medero

Shawn is a 30-something who has been a bike commuter since 2005. Since 2011 bike commuting has been his exclusive means of getting kids to school and himself to work. He was born in Tampa, Florida and at the time thought bikes were only for riding around in your suburb or on extremely long rides with his grandfather. Shawn works in higher education as a software product manager.